Anthony Michael Bonafede

_MG_4114-EditWelcome to my gallery. Creating images is a passion of mine, it has been for many years. I was fortunate to start my journey in photography during high school, I was hooked after processing my first roll of film in the darkroom. Today, a lot has changed and my darkroom is now on the computer. I enjoy the creative freedom that technology brings yet I still fell strong about capturing my vision in the camera and keeping a realistic approach when processing. Like most art, how I feel at the moment of capture does take shape in my final image. I invite  you to visit to see some of my recent work!


Please contact me with any questions you may have on the work I have done or any photographic service that I provide.

    • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    • Crawford Group
    • Dumont Printing Company
    • Outdoor Photographer Magazine
    • Popular Photography Magazine
    • Digital Photo Magazine
    • Digital Photo Magazine, Print edition March 2016, “Winter’s Twilight”
    • Dumont Print Company 2015 calendar of 5000 copies, featuring 13 images.
    • Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Print edition February 2015 “Bridalvail Falls and Half Dome”
    • Outdoor Photographer, Vistas 2014 competition hard cover book “Bridalvail Falls and Half Dome”
    • Outdoor Photographer Magazine, American Landscape 2014 competition hard cover book “Lunar Glow”
    • Pop Photo.Com, 32 Epic Photos of the Stars on line gallery March 2014 “Stars Over Emerald Bay”
    • Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Print edition February 2014 “Lunar Rainbow”